Super Duper Eurobeat 3

Super Duper Eurobeat 4

Super Duper Eurobeat 5

Age of techno remix

Super Duper Eurobeat 6

Italo Disco Evolution

Pistols in the dark

Age of techno remix 2

Hi-NRG ATTACKOID presents: Super Cat-Tune beat

Alice in ParaParaLand

Super Euromelody

Do you remember?

Winds of time

Beat balls of fire

The last & the furious

Cindy – Ride no destination

Jee Bee – Bang bang for your heartbeat

Jeff Driller – Kissing me

Nicky Louder – Eurobeat rebirth

Ella Pepper – Get my Venus

Age of techno remix 3

Age of techno remix 4

Baby Gold – Amazing love

CY-RO – Dance on the top of the fire

Lilly – Make me wonder

Garcon – Lucky lucky

Franz Tornado – Kool Kitten

Cindy – In the rhythm of the night

Nick Turbo – Goldginger

Ciao Ciao – Give me your heaven

All covers by Quakio

Manga by Maki Ubermach

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