Franz Tornado and the Cow Girls – Dr.Wesson Mr.Smith

Dee Dee Wonder – Fortune Teller

Baby Gold – Kiss me all the night

Ciao Ciao – Baby baby

Lilly – Walk in the sunshine

Jeff Driller – Blat the trumpet

Jeff Driller – Castigator

Lucky Boy – Beat girl on the road

Mara Nell – Lolita Nabokov

Gordon Jim – Dynamite Girl

Jeff Driller – Charro

Cindy – Bed Girl

Franz Tornado – Sexy gaucho

Jeff Driller – Chica loca

Giorgia Barrows – Taking your breath away

Miss Joke – Talking to the lions

Garcon – Enfant terrible

Joe Banana – Sitting bull

Cy-Ro – Born to be wild in my car

Black Eva – Love peace and gun

Claudia Vip – Furious thunder

Claudia Vip – One night driller

Garcon – Tomato man

Lucky boy – Dollars go

Louise – Across the rainbow

Dee Dee Wonder – Twist and shake

Louise – Love in Portofino

Black Eva – Shot the colt

Lucky Boy – Top girl

Claudia Vip – Cool on fire

All covers by Quakio

Manga by Maki Ubermach

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