Mara Nell – Lady speed racer

Jeff Driller – Cactus girl

Dee Dee Wonder – Operation Casablanca

Gordon Jim – I wanna run away

Martina Dry – Only one

Billy the Butcher – Too Tan

Age of techno remix 5

Franz Tornado – More Touch

Lucky Boy – Michelle ring my bell

Remy Panther – You spin around me

Dee Dee Wonder – Station of love

Jeff Driller – Drill-o-man

Ciao Ciao – Wherever forever

Remy Panther – Hot like a fire

Nikita Jr. – Hot milk

Lucky Boy – Joker face

Jeff Driller – Hey chicken

Mara Nell – Cover girl

Gordon Jim – Piston go

Martina Dry – Little kiss

Jee Bee – Gimme all your love

Michelle Rose – Little girls cannot be wrong

Dolly Pop – Girl in the night

Jeff Driller – Twister

Black Eva – Catman do

Baby Gold – The beat goes on

Ciao Ciao – Beat on fire

Nikita Jr. – Two hot milk are better than one

Mara Nell – Zombieland

Lady Energy – Hot bikini

All covers by Quakio

Manga by Maki Ubermach

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